Frequently Asked Questions

Why does OluKai name each of their products Polynesian words?

The Polynesian culture is an oral history, passed along through storytelling. Naming our products with Hawaiian words is our small way of spreading and preserving the culture for future generations.

How do I wash/care for my OluKai footwear?

For Mauka Collection (leather) footwear:

  • To treat day-to-day wear for lighter colored leathers, nubuck, and suede we recommend using nubuck cleaner and conditioner. For full grain leather we recommend cleaning with saddle soap or leather cleaner and conditioner. You can find these products at most footwear dealers and/or shoe repair shops.

For Makai Collection (synthetic) footwear:

  • We recommend cleaning with mild soap and cold water. To remove excess dirt or spot clean, use a stiff brush or soft cloth. Synthetic sandals may be cleaned in your washing machine using mild soap and cold-water temperature setting. After cleaning let your shoes or sandals air dry away from heat.

Do you have a guarantee on your footwear?

Yes, OluKai footwear is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of purchase. Footwear covered by the OluKai guarantee will be replaced at OluKai’s discretion.

The following defects are covered by the OluKai guarantee:

  • Straps pulling out where soles are not excessively worn
  • Delaminating of sole layers
  • Frayed or loose stitching on uppers, footbeds or logos

What’s not covered:

  • Deterioration from water abuse
  • Outsole wearing out or worn through
  • Skateboard or bicycle abuse
  • Cuts, scratches, burns etc
  • Shrinkage from overexposure to extreme heat
  • Anything not listed will be solely determined by OluKai

How do I return products purchased from

When returning products purchased from OluKai directly, please refer to our Return Policy. For more info click here

If I wear a half size in shoes, how should I size in shoes, how should I size my OluKai sandals?

Our sandals only come in full sizes. Fit can be a bit difficult to determine, as it is usually your personal preference. If you are usually a half size there are a couple of aspects to consider when deciding to size up or down. If you prefer extra room in your sandals, we suggest going up a half size. If you prefer a more snug fit, it is recommended to order down if you are a half size. Please keep in mind if your feet are narrow or wide, this may affect the fit of our footwear.

What do I do if my sandals or shoes are damaged/defective?

If your sandals or shoes are covered under warranty, please return to the location at which you purchased them. The retailer should be able to replace the damaged footwear. Please remember to bring your receipt. If the sandals or shoes were purchased on vacation or in a different location then where you live, and they are covered under warranty, please email us at [email protected] along with an explanation and photo of the damage or defect.

How do I find out where my nearest OluKai distributor is?

Use our store locator to find a retailer near you. click here

Are OluKai leather sandals and shoes waterproof?

OluKai leather sandals and shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof.

Why are OluKai sandals and shoes so comfortable?

It’s a combination of premium materials and contoured shapes that form the structure of OluKai. At the core of all our footwear is our anatomical footbed; a biomechanically engineered shape that supports and positions your entire foot naturally, allowing it to move through the stride comfortably and correctly. Our deep heel contour centers, aligns, and supports the foot.

How does OluKai reduce its environmental footprint?

We use natural latex in our gum rubbers, 30% recycled material in all our outsoles, and 100% recycled material in our packaging. We source all of our leathers exclusively from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. We are exploring water-based glues, however at this time the sub-par bond durability outweighs the benefits. We will make the switch once the bonding strength improves. We consider making high-quality, long-lasting footwear as one way to reduce our environmental footprint.

Where are your products made?

All of our footwear is designed and developed in the US and manufactured in Asia and Mexico.

Do you carry vegan footwear?

Yes! We have two basic types of product at OluKai, Mauka (towards the land) and Makai (towards the sea). Our Makai products are made to be water friendly and are made from all synthetic material, no animal products. Our Mauka products are generally Closed Toe and are predominately made with leather, however we do have Mauka closed toe styles that use canvas or twill that are 100% synthetic. Material details can be found on the product details tab under each product. Styles will be marked as Vegan on the website in the product description, but a place to start is our ‘Ohana sandals (synthetic) or our ‘Ohana Lace up if you want a closed toe model, both are 100% Vegan. Note that “synthetic leather” is 100% synthetic.

How quickly will my order ship?

All packages will be processed and shipped within 24 business hours after your submission. Upon shipping, the packages will be shipped by the freight type requested on the order (excluding holidays and weekends). Please note: at this time Saturday delivery is not available.

Where do you ship from?

Packages will be shipped from Kamloops, BC.

Do you offer Saturday or Sunday delivery?

We currently do not offer Saturday delivery and Sunday delivery is not offered through our carrier.

Where can I find information for events and athletes for sponsorship?

For sponsorship/donation requests for events, please email the details to [email protected] Our athlete sponsorship program is currently with the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and Hawaiian Lifeguards. We do not have athlete sponsorship programs available at this time.

How do I become an OluKai retailer or international distributor?

Email your name, phone number, store/distribution name, store/distribution address to [email protected]

Do you have replacement laces and insoles available?

Yes, we do have replacement laces and replacement insoles available. If your laces or insoles are defective, please send a photo of a defect along with the style information of the shoe (printed on the inside upper) and your shipping address to [email protected]

Size Chart

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