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For three years at sea, delivering a mission of Malama Honua (to care for Mother Earth), Hōkūle‘a, the revered traditional Polynesian double hulled voyaging canoe, has made a historic global journey using ancient methods of oceanic navigation.

The Hōkūle‘a visited 100 ports in 27 nations, across 60,000 nautical miles, demonstrating the importance of making a change for a more sustainable future.
On June 17, 2017, the Hōkūle‘a made its way home, to Hawai‘i, to culminate one of the most significant cultural achievements in the modern era. We are proud to support the Polynesian Voyaging Society, both through OluKai as well as our Ama OluKai Foundation. The Hōkūle‘a and its sister canoe, Hikianalia, are vital pieces of living history and embody the spirit of a boundless aloha.

OluKai is honored to partner with the Worldwide Voyage and support the crew in their ambitious endeavor. The Hōkūle‘a represents a large part of OluKai’s company mission – honoring and preserving Hawaiian culture and traditions.

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This one-of-a-kind sandal features a piece of the actual sail cloth used in Hōkūle‘a’s previous voyages. 100% of all proceeds from sales of this limited-edition sandal will be given back to Polynesian Voyaging Society to help support the future of navigation. Each pair comes with a commemorative wooden box laser etched with artwork depicting the Hōkūle‘a at sea as well as a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Extremely limited quantities available while supplies last.

Hōkūle‘a Pe‘a is sold out. Thank you for your overwhelming support of the Polynesian Voyaging Society giveback.



Hundreds of thousands will gather on June 17, 2017 to celebrate Hōkūle‘a’s arrival at Magic Island, O‘ahu, culminating a 3-year worldwide voyage to deliver her mission of Malama Honua (to care for Mother Earth). During the homecoming, a voyage recap film will be premiered for those attending the arrival. If you cannot attend in person, we invite you to watch the recap exclusively at

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