Mea Ola

(meh-ah oh-lah) Translation: Creature
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Hawaiian inspired men's quality sandals. Hand-sewn toe post and upper, octopus inspired laser-etched artwork.



    Full-grain leather wrapped outsole with non-marking molded rubber traction post.



    Compression-molded EVA midsole wrapped in full-grain leather. Anatomically correct contour for a personalized fit and sustained comfort over time.

  • Outboard Strap

    Outboard Strap

    Built into the outside surface of the sidewall instead of the footbed, our unique Outboard Strap Construction offers a free yet secure fit for the most comfortable arch support possible.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-Grain Leather

Our premium full-grain leather evokes the rustic spirit of Hawaii's upcountry ranches with a rugged strength and a lifetime of durability.


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Best Sandals I've Ever Worn
By Jazzdork | 2016-10-19
Best pair of sandals I've ever owned. High quality, attention to detail, beautiful design, and just great looking sandals. I hesitated at first about going back to a flip-flop after wearing slides for many years. It took me a short amount of time to get my feet used to wearing flip-flops again, but that's normal. I love them, and would highly recommend them. They're incredibly comfortable...the foot bed is well designed with proper support to keep your feet happy and healthy. When I get off work, I can't wait to slip them on...they feel that good. OluKai is a bit pricier than some others, but well worth the investment. I normally wear a 10.5 or 11.0 in most shoes...I ordered the 11.0, and they fit perfectly. Give 'em a won't regret it.

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By BRIAN | 2016-10-18
These sandals are beautiful, pure and simple. I wear a 10.5 in the men's Moloas and an 11 in these sandals. They fit perfectly. They are amazingly comfortable and one of the most attractive men's sandals I've ever seen.

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The only brand of sandals I'll ever buy again: You Get What You Pay For
By Joshua | 2016-08-09
My first pair of OluKai were a pair of Hiapo sandals. My then-wife freaked when I told her how much I just paid for flip flops, but they were so comfortable, sturdy, and nice looking that I really didn't care how she felt about it. That pair lasted 4yrs of daily wear (I live in Northern CA, so there are lots of weather opportunities suitable for sandals) until they finally gave out (leather started to wear through on the sole).

I've replaced my old pair with a pair of Mea Ola and couldn't be happier. For my feet, the top strap is a little snug at first, but with a bit of wearing, the leather stretches to a point of comfort.

Excellent comfort, great foot support, high quality materials, and nice looking. I love my OluKai and will likely never purchase another brand of sandal again. Highly recommended. If you've never owned a pair, I know it's hard to justify $120 on sandals, but consider that they'll last several years, and they're well worth it. Like the old saying goes... you get what you pay for.
These flip flops are just fantastic!
By Sebastiaan | 2015-11-20
These flip flops are just fantastic! It feels like I am putting my slippers on. They walk really comfortably and look nice too! After about 8 months the toe strap of one of them broke while I was for a long term holiday in Costa Rica. Although I bought them in The Netherlands, OluKai sent a new pair to Costa Rica! This is what I call real international warranty! Thanks guys!
I live in Florida and sandals are daily wear items year-round.
By Eric | 2015-11-20
I live in Florida and sandals are daily wear items year-round. I just purchased my second pair of the Mea Ola sandals, this time in Tan/Dark Java. My first pair are the Ginger/Ginger combination and they have endured 2.5 years of heavy use, easily walking >100 miles. The leather underneath on the back trailing edges is worn through and the the rubber tread has worn down to a smooth condition. They still look tremendous. I would have bought 3 pairs of another brand in the same time frame, and the OluKais look significantly better and are much more comfortable (for my foot). Only recently (and oddly, at almost the same time), did the lower half of the sandal begin to separate from the upper portion of the sandal. Shoe Goo fixed the separation issue. Other reviews mention issues with the toe strap, but both of mine are still in fine condition.
I purchased a pair of the 'Ohana flip flops while on vacation in Solvang Ca.
By Andy | 2015-11-20
I purchased a pair of the 'Ohana flip flops while on vacation in Solvang Ca. I've owned them for approx. 3 months and was surprised to find the bottom sole separating on both flip flops. I just sent a picture and an explanation to OluKai to see if they can help me. I found these to be the most comfortable flip flops I've ever owned, and I have had foot issues with plantar fasciitis. I can wear these all day and not be in pain. Unfortunately, I don't think I can continue to pay the high price if they will fall apart so quickly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that they will step up and replace them. If not looks like shoe goo will be my only answer, as mentioned in a previous review.
I received a pair of OluKai - Manini sandals for a birthday present two years ago.
By Torrey | 2015-11-20
I received a pair of OluKai - Manini sandals for a birthday present two years ago. I loved the sandals. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned not to mention how stylish they are. Unfortunately, like many many other OluKai sandals they broke at the toe strap where it meets the sole. This must be a quality issue on OluKai's part? There are simply too many of these failures and cases happening with the entire line of sandals? Hopefully the quality issues can and will be resolved. I also hope OluKai returns my phone call I left with customer service. I would hope they will make good on the sandals since there are so many complaints on the internet about this same issue. Let me state again, I love these sandals and they are he most comfortable pair I have ever owned and have recommended them to many of my friends who have also went out and purchased a pair, I just hope I can get a replacement.
Very comfortable and long lasting
By Sand Strolling | 2015-11-20
Very comfortable and long lasting Have a pair of black ones for over three years that I still wear on a daily basis. On our latest trip to Hawaii added a brown pair. Same comfort best buy ever. I really prefer the natural material over man made.|The older pair is starting to show ‘character’. The black top layer on the leather is wearing off but only in the places where my feet are rough.|Even though they are expensive they are
like walking in paradise
By Mac | 2015-11-20
like walking in paradise… I use my Mea Ola at the beach and in the spare time in combination with shorts. I bought the shoes 3 years ago in Hawaii and they still look like new.
By Stone34 | 2015-11-20
Disappointed OK so I have had a pair of Ohanas for 3 years and loved them. Very comfortable right out of the box. So when I decided to get a new pair I thought I would upgrade to all leather and cool styling with the Mea Olas. Unfortunately I had to return them as they were not comfortable. Will mostly just get another pair of Ohanas. They are not leather but are comfortable and look good.
For You
By Big Mike | 2015-11-20
For You If’n you have ortho problems as I do (ankles knees back) and you prefer stylish footwear don’t overlook OluKai. Quality costs their products look good (I favor Italian clothes shoes even pipes) and are well worth the price. I’m prior MILITARY law enforcement and study the martial arts-in other words-I live with pain. I count it a joy every time I slip on my OluKai flips. Look good too!!!
More good news
By Haole Brian | 2015-11-20
More good news I Love my Mea Ola in Dark Java. It seems darker than many of the other dark java so I wear them happily with black or brown.|A word on sizing: I find that I was a size up in these.|They seem to keep my feet warm even long after the sun goes down.|I’ll slip into these bad boys after work just to relax wearing them is more comfortable than even going bare foot.
110% Satisfied Customer
By Shaun | 2015-11-20
110% Satisfied Customer These are the best flops I’ve ever owned. They look fantastic with a pair of slacks or with your boardshorts at the beach and still manage to provide great traction wherever I go. If I’m not at work these are what you’ll find on my feet. The construction and leatherwork are superb and the service that you get from the Olukai team is second to none. It’s great to still be able to find companies
Great Sandals
By Casual Life | 2015-11-20
Great Sandles All I have to say is I have had three knee surgeries and a ankle surgery and I have no complaints about the sandals. Since I have lived in Florida my entire 50 years I have worn flip-flops since I was 8 years old. Not always the best support but after my surgeries I have to say since I found the OluKai sandals I have had plenty of support which is a good think since I wear the OluKai flip flops
First of all, this is the 1st review I have ever written about anything, at all, ever..
By Big Mike | 2015-11-20
A year later I must submit yet another review, Olu Kai makes flips like none other. Despite numerous orthopedic concerns these flips wear as though they were custom made. They fit and wear superbly, I wear these whenever I dress up. I wear Makais to the beach, like to look good no matter what I’m wearing. I live in Florida-land of the flip flops and it’s great to dress well. I do wish the Makai line would come in more colors.
I'm a flip flop connoisseur & these one all around deals on the market
By Justin | 2015-11-20
First of all, this is the 1st review I have ever written about anything, at all, ever..I’m a flip flop connoisseur & these one all around deals on the market. I’ve owned a few pair and I’m a huge guy who is rough on my flops in these can take a beating, including hiking through jungles in Central America. Recommend to anyone who wants a solid investment! Also, the customer service you get with this company is unmatched!!! No kidding, if you’re not an Olu-Kai customer already, YOU’RE MISSING OUT!
the look is GREAT and quality is AMAZING!!!!
By trevor | 2015-11-20
the look is GREAT and quality is AMAZING!!!! i am only sad that thy did not fit my feet… the length was good and the feel was good but the strap the held my feet in was to long for me personally. it felt as if they were always falling off and i had to hold them tight with my toes. i guess ill have to stick with my rainbows. to bad beacuz olukai’s look and feel amazing. top quality.. lets just hope there customer service is the same way because i am returning them due to not fitting me….
Best I've ever worn
By Matt | 2015-11-20
Best I’ve ever worn I haven’t worn or thought of wearing any type of sandal since I was 13. 20 years later I saw these on Martha’s Vineyard and they totally caught my eye. I was attracted to them by just looking at them. Thought they were out if my price range at the time. Bought them a year later and they are the best purchase I’ve made all year. Worth every penny. I’ve worn name brand shoes that I couldn’t wait to
I just got these to replace my Kukui model
By Chris | 2015-11-20
I just got these to replace my Kukui model while I waited for warranty replacement/repair since I live in Hawaii and cannot be without slippahs. They are equally as comfortable and the Tako design is awesome. Stoked to have a couple pairs once I get my other ones fixed/replaced. Will keep buying Olu Kai forever because of their quality and customer service.
By Wes Lane | 2015-11-20
Amazing These are the best sandals I have ever had. I was skeptical at first because of the price but they are worth it and then some. They felt a little tight at first but after about two days they were perfect. They molded to my feet perfectly. OluKai is one of a kind.
Strolling Kalakaua Avenue I purchased these sandals while on holiday in Waikiki.
By hpphoto | 2015-11-20
Strolling Kalakaua Avenue I purchased these sandals while on holiday in Waikiki. I LOVE these shoes and would recommend to anyone! Can’t wait to buy my next pair!
Fit Guide
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  • Women's
  • Kids


7 40 6.5 9.625 " 24.4 CM

8 41 7.5 9.9375 " 25.4 CM

8.5 41.5 8 10.125 " 25.7 CM

9 42 8.5 10.25 " 26 CM

9.5 42.5 9 10.4375 " 26.7 CM

10 43 9.5 10.5625 " 27 CM

10.5 43.5 10 10.75 " 27.3 CM

11 44 10.5 10.9375 " 27.9 CM

11.5 44.5 11 11.125 " 28.3 CM

12 45 11.5 11.25 " 28.6 CM

13 46 12.5 11.5625 " 29.4 CM

14 47 13.5 11.875 " 30.2 CM

15 48 14.5 12.1875 " 31 CM

16 49 15.5 12.5 " 31.8 CM

17 50 16 12.875 " 32.7 CM

18 51 17 13.31 " 33.8 CM


5 35 3 8.5 " 21.6 CM

6 36 4 8.875 " 22.5 CM

6.5 36.5 4.5 9.0625 " 23 CM

7 37 5 9.25 " 23.5 CM

7.5 37.5 5.5 9.375 " 23.8 CM

8 38 6 9.5 " 24.1 CM

8.5 38.5 6.5 9.6875 " 24.6 CM

9 39 7 9.875 " 25.1 CM

9.5 39.5 7.5 10 " 25.4 CM

10 40 8 10.1875 " 25.9 CM

11 41 9 10.5 " 26.7 CM


9/10 269.5 6.625 " 16.8 CM

11/12 2911.5 7.25 " 18.4 CM

13/1 32.513.5 8 " 20.3 CM

2/3 34.52.5 8.625 " 21.9 CM

4/5 36.54.5 9.25 " 23.5 CM

6/7 386.5 10 " 25.5 CM

9 25 8 6.25 " 15.9 CM

10 27 9 6.625 " 16.8 CM

11 28 10 7 " 17.8 CM

12 30 11 7.25 " 18.4 CM

13 32 12 7.625 " 19.4 CM

1 33 13 8 " 20.3 CM

2 34 1 8.25 " 21 CM

3 35 2 8.625 " 21.9 CM

4 36 3 9 " 22.9 CM

5 37 4 9.25 " 23.5 CM

6 38 5 9.625" 24.4 CM

OluKai footwear is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of purchase. Footwear covered by the OluKai guarantee will be replaced at OluKai’s discretion.


  • Straps pulling out where soles are not excessively worn
  • Delaminating of sole layers
  • Frayed or loose stitching on uppers, footbeds or logos


  • Deterioration from water abuse
  • Outsole wearing out or worn through
  • Skateboard or bicycle abuse
  • Cuts, scratches, burns etc.
  • Shrinkage from overexposure to extreme heat
  • Anything not listed will be solely determined by OluKai

If your sandals or shoes are covered under warranty, please return to the location at which you purchased them with the original receipt. The retailer should be able to replace the damaged footwear, however due to their own store policy some retailers are unable to replace footwear. If the retailer is unable to replace the footwear, or if you are no longer near the retailer and the footwear is covered under warranty, please email us at [email protected] along with an explanation, the date of purchase, and photos of the damage or defect.

For more questions about caring for your OluKai footwear and our guarantee, please see our comprehensive FAQs.

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