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Decorative stitching on footbed, hand-sewn whipstitching, soft nylon toe post, embroidered logo.

Due to the nature of the fit, we recommend ordering a size up.



    Non-marking rubber and gum rubber outsole with island inspired pod design.



    Compression-molded EVA footbed topped with premium full-grain leather. Anatomically correct contour for a personalized fit and sustained comfort over time.

  • Outboard Strap

    Outboard Strap

    Built into the outside surface of the sidewall instead of the footbed, our unique Outboard Strap Construction offers a free yet secure fit for the most comfortable arch support possible.

  • Non-Marking Rubber

    Non-Marking Rubber

    Our thermoset rubber is a compound of natural and synthetic rubber that will not leave marks or ‘scuffs’ on surfaces of any type. Our gum rubber outsoles, as a natural material, will always naturally be non-marking.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-Grain Leather

Our premium full-grain leather evokes the rustic spirit of Hawaii's upcountry ranches with a rugged strength and a lifetime of durability.


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Customer Reviews

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Top quality
By Dan | 2017-07-05
Footwear is something that most of us tend not to skimp on for one reason or another. For me, I know that they will last and keep on giving even years after. I lived in SE Asia for months and wore nothing but my last pair of top quality sandals and I could still wear them despite monsoon rains and tons of trekking. But like all things they break down, this pair the replacement to the last ones after 5 years of hard use and I can safely say that I love them already and look forward to many miles of comfort and style for years to come.

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Better than birks
By Chap | 2017-06-19
First time away from birks for 20 years. These are well made and extremely comfortable. I went one size up and could have gone two sizes up and they would still have worked . Also got a pair of shoes but they were my normal size. So best to try a few on before you buy if possible.

Break in period was 3 to 4 hours for the leather and zero time for the thong piece.
A+ for quality and A+ for comfort. Too early to tell if they hold up wear and tear wise.

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Ola kai Nui very comfortable but run very small
By Hope it helps | 2016-08-28
I bought these sandals a few weeks ago and I love them! They have molded to my feet like warm butter. However, they seem to run very small. I believe it is a design issue because there is at least one inch between my big toe and the tip of the sandal. However, there is only one eighth inch Off of my heel. It's appears to be to hold and strap is positioned too far back on the sandal. This could be a design issue or a quality control issue as these sandals are made in China. Overall, I love the sandals and would recommend them to anyone!

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Fits quite small
By joel | 2016-07-29
Heads up, this is a very fitted flop and was between 0.5-1 inch smaller than another pair of OluKai's I love. I returned these for a different style as the color was also off and the foot bed stitched logo was rubbing on my heel enough to notice and mildly annoy. Just a heads up...still love the brand.

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By Rey gomez | 2016-07-21
Wow! These are the best. Comfortable, great arch support, great heel support, and molded to my foot from the first time I put them on. Like I said, "wow"! I have purchased other "top price" sandals in the past 3 years. I finally found "my sandals". I once bought a pair orthopaedic sandals in a sporting good store and they hugged my foot in a similar way, but not like this pair of sandals. Plain and simple. These are comfortable, look clean, and, I kid you not, as soon as I purchased them I slipped them on. By the time I walked back to my car, which was parked far from the store, my foot pain was much better, practically almost gone. I'm very glad I found OluKai.

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OluKai sandals: You can't go wrong
By David | 2016-06-27
I have owned three pair of OluKai 's total: Mea Ola, Nui, and Hokua. I need to preface this review with some background first. I started with my first pair of thong type sandals roughly ten years ago. I have always felt that shoes exposing the toes were kind of limiting. This viewpoint changed after wearing flip flops and appreciating the free feeling for my feet!

Now onto the OluKai brand review: They are the very best, by far, of any type of sandals with the thong design I have ever tried. The only issue I've experienced even remotely close to a complaint, is the Mea Ola design had a stiff, leather toe post. This, for me, was uncomfortable. However, the Nui and Hokua design offers a soft nylon solution that is butter soft and comfortable. The Hokua's are waterproof to boot! These leather Nui's are molding to the foot and comfortable beyond belief. The arch support and over all high quality design is so far from competing brands that I feel OluKai is truly in a class alone from the pack. They're on the very top.

So if you want the Ferrari of flip flops, get a pair of OluKai's, you won't be sorry! I bought three different pair in the course of a month.


Happy feet in Georgia!

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Good sandal
By Nicholas | 2016-05-14
I got these to replace another sandal that I had purchased with OluKai after they had worn out after just one season. I got these thinking that since they are leather, they would last longer. After having worn them about a year now, I can say that I have traded some comfort for better durability. These sandals, because they are leather, give me 'hot spots' on my feet due to rubbing if I wear them for a few hours at a time or walk a good distance in them. They are comfortable, but it's just a trade off.
Fit Guide
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  • Women's
  • Kids


7 40 6.5 9.625 " 24.4 CM

8 41 7.5 9.9375 " 25.4 CM

8.5 41.5 8 10.125 " 25.7 CM

9 42 8.5 10.25 " 26 CM

9.5 42.5 9 10.4375 " 26.7 CM

10 43 9.5 10.5625 " 27 CM

10.5 43.5 10 10.75 " 27.3 CM

11 44 10.5 10.9375 " 27.9 CM

11.5 44.5 11 11.125 " 28.3 CM

12 45 11.5 11.25 " 28.6 CM

13 46 12.5 11.5625 " 29.4 CM

14 47 13.5 11.875 " 30.2 CM

15 48 14.5 12.1875 " 31 CM

16 49 15.5 12.5 " 31.8 CM

17 50 16 12.875 " 32.7 CM

18 51 17 13.31 " 33.8 CM


5 35 3 8.5 " 21.6 CM

6 36 4 8.875 " 22.5 CM

6.5 36.5 4.5 9.0625 " 23 CM

7 37 5 9.25 " 23.5 CM

7.5 37.5 5.5 9.375 " 23.8 CM

8 38 6 9.5 " 24.1 CM

8.5 38.5 6.5 9.6875 " 24.6 CM

9 39 7 9.875 " 25.1 CM

9.5 39.5 7.5 10 " 25.4 CM

10 40 8 10.1875 " 25.9 CM

11 41 9 10.5 " 26.7 CM


9/10 269.5 6.625 " 16.8 CM

11/12 2911.5 7.25 " 18.4 CM

13/1 32.513.5 8 " 20.3 CM

2/3 34.52.5 8.625 " 21.9 CM

4/5 36.54.5 9.25 " 23.5 CM

6/7 386.5 10 " 25.5 CM

9 25 8 6.25 " 15.9 CM

10 27 9 6.625 " 16.8 CM

11 28 10 7 " 17.8 CM

12 30 11 7.25 " 18.4 CM

13 32 12 7.625 " 19.4 CM

1 33 13 8 " 20.3 CM

2 34 1 8.25 " 21 CM

3 35 2 8.625 " 21.9 CM

4 36 3 9 " 22.9 CM

5 37 4 9.25 " 23.5 CM

6 38 5 9.625" 24.4 CM

OluKai footwear is guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects for one year from the date of purchase. Footwear covered by the OluKai guarantee will be replaced at OluKai’s discretion.


  • Straps pulling out where soles are not excessively worn
  • Delaminating of sole layers
  • Frayed or loose stitching on uppers, footbeds or logos


  • Deterioration from water abuse
  • Outsole wearing out or worn through
  • Skateboard or bicycle abuse
  • Cuts, scratches, burns etc.
  • Shrinkage from overexposure to extreme heat
  • Anything not listed will be solely determined by OluKai

If your sandals or shoes are covered under warranty, please return to the location at which you purchased them with the original receipt. The retailer should be able to replace the damaged footwear, however due to their own store policy some retailers are unable to replace footwear. If the retailer is unable to replace the footwear, or if you are no longer near the retailer and the footwear is covered under warranty, please email us at [email protected] along with an explanation, the date of purchase, and photos of the damage or defect.

For more questions about caring for your OluKai footwear and our guarantee, please see our comprehensive FAQs.

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